Scientific Program

Promoted by
International Association of Ontopsychology, NGO in special consultative status with economic and social council of the United Nations

under the Auspices of
Antonio Meneghetti Humanistic and Scientific Research Foundation (CH).


Main congress theme
System and Personality: The somatizations of the psyche from the biological body to the social body

It is well-known that quality of life and psychological-social factors are central in the onset, evolution and management of many diseases, and it is equally well-known that the realization of the individual is a guarantee of problem solutions and social development at large. Society is not an abstraction, but a system characterized by individuals. In current times, it is essential to acquire further knowledge on the development and functioning of human being systems. We welcome submissions that will allow us to show the contribution of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to understand the human mind and its related matters, across the diverse range of areas, including theory, research, practice and the implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Program Overview:
The Scientific Program starts on Thursday 20th September and ends on Saturday 22nd September. A scheduled programs runs from 9 am to 6 pm each day.

The program consists of:
Keynote invited addresses
State-of-the-art lectures
Invited symposia
Proposed symposia
Oral paper presentations
Poster presentations

Scientific Organizing Board
Adriana Roncella, Elisa De Santis, Floriana De Angelis, Gabriella Palumbo,
Giuseppe Incarbone, Paolo Bianchi, Pamela Bernabei, Sergio Bodriti.